Slaviti telo posle porođaja- za to nam je potrebna pozitivna inspiracija


Pripremila sam vam jedan divan tekst da vam kažem koliko ste prelepe takve kakve ste . Nepadajte u očaj zbog vašeg promenjenog tela zbog viška kilograma posle porođaja, sve će to nestati dajte vremena vašem telu , pustite one sa časopisa … Zavolite svoje telo takvo kakvo jeste , i volećete i onda mnogo više sebe a kada zavolite sebe , voleće vas svi . ❤❤❤❤???

Neću lagati, prvi put kad sam pogledala svoje telo posle porođaja, totalno sam odlepila.

Moj stomak je bio tako klonuo da je mogao da dohvati moje butine. Moje strije su bile crvene, isto kao i dok je beba bila jos u stomaku. A i celulit sa butina nije mrdao. Jednostavno rečeno, bila sam užasnuta. Pre sam verovala u članke i savete iz magazina da je moguće i nakon par dana od porođaja vratiti telo u normalu. Ali sam toliko bila užasnuta kada sam se videla, i kada sam videla da to kod mene ništa ne ide na bolje.

Pre odprilike 10 godina nije bilo svakidašnje da se na društvenim mrežama vide slike tela posle porođaja. I koliko god da to pokazivanje na društvenim mrežama može da izazove stres, nezadovoljstvo, zgrožavanje, jednom rečju negativne komentare, to sa druge strane može da bude pozitivno, da mame dele iskustva, savete, nalaze zajedničke teme, rešavaju zajedničke probleme, osećaju se manje usamljenim, da se manje stide, itd…

Ovo baš pišem iz tog razloga koliko sam se odusevila kad sam na Instagramu videla da postoji kampanja #celebrating_my_postpartum . Prvi hesteg je započela Hayley Garnett, fotograf i majka troje dece. Kampanja je toliko divna i jednostavna baš kao i njen naziv- postavi iskrenu sliku sebe nakod porođaja, tako da se majke osećaju kao boginje.

Garnett poziva na akciju tako sto je objavila svoju sliku nakon porođaja i napisala: Danas sam toliko uzbudjena što mogu sa vama da podelim svoj projekat koji će se baviti slavljenjem našeg tela nakon porodjaja. Ona zatim nastavlja da sa svima deli svoje borbe i pobede koje je imala dok je rađala i gajila svoju decu, devojčicu i 2 dečaka blizanca.

Za mene, prihvatiti sve promene, nije bilo lako, morate biti mentalno jaki. Mnogo je bolje pogledati sebe u ogledalo a da pritom ne želite da okrenete glavu na drugu stranu.


✨Body Positivity Loop ✨ Hey Guys !!! Today I’m super excited to be sharing with you a recent passion project of mine – which is celebrating our postpartum bodies! I have asked some mamas to participate , mamas that embrace their post baby bodies and really shed a positive light on how different our bodies are Post birth ! For me embracing the change hasn’t been the easiest journey but it has been the most powerful mentally. It’s so much nicer to be able to look at myself in the mirror without wanting to turn my head . The excess skin, the stretch marks, the horrible diastisis recti- it’s part of who I am and by golly I’m going to love and celebrate myself for this physical journey that motherhood has taken me on! . . Please tap my photo to continue through the loop to @emmy__liz and help celebrate these ladies and the brave ways in which they share themselves with you, hoping that you too can look at yourself and see you how we see you . We will use the tag #celebrating_my_postpartum and encourage you all to use that tag if you share ! . . . . . #cameramama #twiniversity #twinsandmultiples #inspirepregnancy #stopcensoringmotherhood #twinpregnancy #37weeksgestation #twinmama #twinmom #magicofchildhood #ig_motherhood #p52radness #inspirepregnancy #siblinghoodlove #pixel_kids #familygoalz #cutekidsclub #momswithcameras #ramonandruby #bumpbirthandbeyond #jj_emotional #postpartum #inspirepregnancy #coi_mamamonday #thejuggleisreal #cm_kisses

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Višak kože, strije, to su moje muke koje cu uvek voleti jer me one podsecaju na jedan divan cin, da sam postala majka.


✨Body Positivity Loop✨ Ive carried my children within my body, slept with them On my chest. I’ve kissed Little toes & wiped away Tears. I’ve been vomited on, Peed on, & spent sleepless Nights cradling my crying babes. & I wouldn’t have it any other way. My body isn’t magazine perfect, But when I look in the mirror, I SEE A MOM & there is no Greater honor, Love or blessing.? take a step back with me today and really think about how you view your body! Love every inch,every flaw,& every beautiful mark. Check out my mama friend @karenavalentina to keep following this body positivity loop? • • #bodypositive #selflove #postpartum #loveyourself #loveyourbody #womenempowerment #empoweringwomen #empoweringmoms #mamabird #babybird #twobabies #mamaoftwo #momswithtattoos #momswithcameras #momsofinstagram #momblogger

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Ubrzo su se mnoge majke priključile akcije. Toliko su bile divne i inspirativne. Bilo je slika stomaka posle porođaja, ali i onih slika sa malim bebama u naručju. Mnoge žene su pisale- moje telo nije savršeno, kao iz časopisa, ali kada se pogledam u ogledalo nema veće časti, to je ljubav i blagoslov. Neke majke koje su delile slike ukazivale su na istinu da zaista postoji vredan razlog za transformaciju tela. Zatim, da nas nesavršeno telo podseća na poslednjih 40 nedelja kroz koje smo prolazili u trudnoći.

Zatim su pisali i sledeće-


See that belly? That faded linea nigra? See that new growth of hair and the permanent stretch marks? That posture? These are my remnants of her time inside the womb. These are reminders of the 40 weeks plus 3 days I carried her. Battle scars I earned from the 36 hour labor and birth we fought through together. This body is a testament of the countless days and nights I spend breastfeeding, rocking, carrying, soothing, playing, teaching and most importantly, LOVING her. . This body took its time to orchestrate the miraculous creation of the most special human I have ever known. This body took its time to choreograph the most incredible labor and birth, a synchronized dance that ended in a fireworks display of emotion I’ll never forget. . So, no, I’m not in a hurry to „bounce back.“ I’m not in a rush to lose the „baby weight“ or tighten that „loose skin.“ This body continues to take its time to nurture this child, so I’m going to continue to take my time in nurturing this body. . Huge shout out to the incredible @th3littlestavenger for being such an inspiration and light for all women and reminding us to love our bodies and for #celebrating_my_postpartum with us ? . . . #inspirepregnancy #igm_033 #ig_MotherHood #igMotherHood #postpartumbody #postbabybody #postpartumjourney #bodyafterbaby #bodypositive #postpregnancy #momstrong #normalizebreastfeeding #bodypositivity #bopo #effyourbeautystandards #loveyourbody #embraceyourbody #dropthecover #thebump #brelfie #petitejoys #thehappynow #abmhappylife #theeverydayproject #photosinbetween #everysquareastory #posttheordinary #postthepeople

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Ovo telo je testament bezbroj dana i noći provedenih u dojenju, ljuljanju, nošenju, umirivanju, uspavljivanju, igranju i učenju, što je najvažnije, sve to predstavlja ljubav. Zaista nije lako odjednom prihvatiti takvo telo. To je putovanje, proces, i vremenom se zaljubljujemo u njega.


Dear Hope Wounds, You are kind of ugly. It feels like you sag to my knees. You’ve taken away my belly button. You roll over every kind of jeans, pants, shorts, or skirt I wear. You are gross. You are the cottage cheese that seems to cover my entire belly. You are extra fat that will probably never go away. You’re my 3.5 inch scar on my bikini line. You are the agony of my infertility, the pain of an empty womb. You are a reminder of how sick I was after my delivery , all that blood I loss, and the heart ache of not meeting my babies for 24 hours after they were born. You are the change my body never saw coming, but desired so deeply. Hope wounds, You are a miracle. You are perfect. You are beauty. You show how much I went through to bring my darling hope triplets into this world. You are beautifully saggy and beautifully ugly. You are my dream come true. You are the hope of my infertility. You are the joy of a fruitful womb. I prayed for you, hope wounds. I longed for you and begged for you. I was so desperate to have my miracle it didn’t matter how gross my hope wounds would ever be. Nor, what I would have to endure to get you. You are something I would never change. Hope wounds, you remind me the importance of teaching my children to love themselves, to celebrate who they are. You show me the value in loving who I am so I can be a good role model for them. My hope is to raise my little humans to be kind to themselves because I know now more than ever the value of self love. Hope wounds, Thank you for showing me that. Sincerely, Celebrating the sags, wrinkles, and all. Thank you @th3littlestavenger for creating #celebrating_my_postpartum and encouraging us to love ourselves a little more!! This is something I absolutely believe in!! Love your bodies mamas and know that you’re amazing!!! ? Tees: @weestructed • • • #triplets #thebump #momswithcameras #twinsandmultiples #postpartumbody #postpartumfitness #aheadofthecurve #momsandmamas #momsofmultiples #postpartumdepression #twins #mamaswithcameras #mother #motherhoodthroughinstagra #fitmomsofig #lovewhatmatters #bodypositive #goals #mommy #momlife #babe #baby #body #tripletsofinstagram #pregnant

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Neke zene su pisale statuse namenje svojim stomačima,- Nekako si ružan, osećam se kao da visiš do kolena. Izađeš iz svakih pantalona koje nosim. Zatim , nekima je takav stomak bio znak nade nakon teških borbi protiv neplodnosti, pa su pisale- ti si čudo, ti si savršen, ti si prelep. Neke mame nas podsećaju da slavljenje našeg tela nakon porodjaja znaci postavljati slike bez imalo stida, straha ili sumnje u sebe.

To znači, ne dopustiti da nas obuzme nesigurnost, da ne dozvolimo da nas telo spreči da uživamo, da živimo najbolje sto znamo, i naravno da se ne stidimo kad obučemo bikini. Ono što je najbitnije je da smo mi našim bebama najsvršenija bića i tako treba uvek i da se osećamo.

Pripremila i prevela urednica portala Sonja Milekić

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